About us

The Calcutta Project Basel was established in 1991 by students of the University of Basel. The underlying idea was to make a personal contribution to improve the conditions of underprivileged persons in a world full of social injustice.


In close cooperation with our Indian partner organization, SB Devi Charity Home (SBDCH), several programmes for the improvement of the local medical basic care have been established in Kolkata. The heart of our cooperation consists of running an Out-Patient Clinic in Kolkata’s old town. Over the years, further programmes of preventive nature and focused on special target groups have been added.


In 1997 the Calcutta Project Basel was transformed into a foundation. The core support of Calcutta Project Basel still takes place in the health sector. However we also see ourselves as an important platform for students in Switzerland who want to benefit from a practice-based view on the field of international development cooperation.


The Foundation is being run by volunteers, motivated students of the University of Basel. Young, interested persons get the possibility to join education and commitment and collect valuable experience for their further professional lives.


The Foundation Calcutta Project Basel finances its activities through donations. Those come from various organizations and institutions as well as from actors from the economic sector or from civil society.


Next to this financial support, we also depend on technical cooperation and exchange. Therefore, our contacts to the Swiss Tropical Institute, to the University Clinic of Basel and to further actors in the field of our activities are very important for us.